Ramadan Coca-Cola Campaign Sparks Controversy in Norway

In connection with the Islamic month of fasting, Ramadan, Coca-Cola Norway has launched a nationwide campaign featuring its recognisable logo adorned with a crescent moon, an important symbol in Islam. While celebrating Ramadan has been a long tradition for Coca-Cola in Muslim countries, this is the first time it has donned Islamic imagery in the Scandinavian nation, where it previously only used to have Christmas campaigns.”

Recently, in Norway, Coca-Cola has started a campaign celebrating Ramadan, the Muslim season of fasting, despite previously only celebrating Christmas, a Christian holiday. While many have said that this a progressive idea, I believe that given Norway’s demographics, this a poorly guided choice.

In 2016, according to the Pew research center, only 5.7% of the population of Norway were Muslim. This estimates to roughly less than 300,000 Muslims in Norway out of the 5.211 million living there. Given how little muslims there are living in Norway, I believe this is a poorly guided choice of inclusion on Coca-Cola’s side. Out of the countries that Coca-Cola is based in, Norway is one of the most Christian countries by population. Coca-Cola, who sells to nearly every nation in the world except for Cuba and North Korea, should have chosen a country with a larger population of Muslims, such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or in fact any other nation in all of the Middle East or North Africa (other than Israel, of course). Even if they had to do it in a non-Islamic country, a more diverse country, such as France, would be a more suitable location for this.

Norway being the first to receive such an ad campaign, is, in my opinion, a bad decision. Of all the countries they could have chosen to receive such an ad campaign, they chose Norway, solely for the sake of “inclusiveness”. While I 100% support inclusiveness in general, I find it in very poor taste that Norway, of all places, would receive such a campaign first, understanding that the mass majority of the population of Norway are, in fact, not muslim.

By Nevets Ttivel

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